Thursday, July 11, 2013

Researching $$$ Web Development Bootcamp Hack Reactor [COMMENT TO ASK QUESTIONS]

Updated 1/4/2014
One Friday, I will departed on my brief research journey to Hack Reactor, possibly the most expensive web development bootcamp in San Francisco. It recently received a lot of press as an unique JavaScript only full-stack web development house. I will tweeted via @i_stanford +Dilys Sun  and blog here.

I took will take pictures, interviewed people, observed, and finally compiled a video out of it. I am not compensated for this trip, but I am invited as a special guest to conduct this research. Thanks to my video analysis on Youtube about Hackbright, a dedicated web development bootcamp aiming to give women engineers a career and skill boost.  to boost women engineers.

Read about my findings by visiting the two internal CodeSum blog posts about Hack Reactor below. If you prefer videos, I have embedded two 10-minute Youtube demos.


Without a doubt, Hack Reactor or HR continues to be one of the most expensive bootcamps in San Francisco, if not the No.1. A co-founder Tony defended that the HR venue is always open to students whenever possible and that the Hack Reactor hours are intense, the sheer number of hours of teaching and studying surpass other code schools. 

I also have my own opinions. I think the defensive case can be made with these seasons
  • a high quality, large number of instructors ~10+ some with real developer experiences at prominent Silicon Valley startup powerhouses
  • an unique practical curriculum with teaching tools, repos, and problem sets made by developers for developers. I especially was impressed with their interactive curriculum, where a lot of coding, debugging and investigation is involved. Hard to describe. Even the screenshots are well guarded.

Feel free to tweet to me or comment below regarding your questions!
Some already asked:
1. curious why Hack Reactor has such a hefty price tag?
2. what is the overall experience like
3. what's the venue like and the instructors
4. may be what's the selection process / interview process.
All your questions will be answered.

Updates: July 17 2013
First blog post has been published last week 

Review Hack Reactor Part 1 - The Human Factor

Review Web Development Bootcamp Part 2 Myths and Facts, surprising discoveries at Hack Reactor.

Video Review of Hack Reactor

More to come...
What would Hack Reactor say (as seen on their websites, please verify it yourself)? 
- High average salary for graduates
- Exceptionally high instructor hours, longer program hours
- Qualified team, real hackers, real developers (of course in reality, there are always student instructors, but the Hack Reactor connection to real startups is higher than average)


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