Thursday, July 11, 2013

What distinguishes Coding Dojo from other bootcamps?

New content: updated today as a part of Q&A Web Development Bootcamp


  • Skillset, fundamental focused
  • Unique instructors, self-made examples, flexible learning
  • Higher availability with more affordable price
  • Good environment in South Bay, though far if commuting from San Francisco
  • Proximity to high-way, downtown Mountain View (speakers and startups, accelerators)
  • Proximity to Hacker Dojo, a vibrant venue for hacking in the local scene
  • Great speaker series, beyond expectation considering lack of prestige
  • Strong hacker, self-made, entrepreneurial culture
  • Ridiculously strong record of being hired by the house! i.e. students to instructors
  • Less emphasis on career building: networking, interview
  • Lack of infrastructure on job placement and the prestige to attract employment
  • Developers are entrepreneurial, probably less of fit to Silicon Valley modern web programmer scene
  • Less fit and susceptible to Silicon Valley hip coding culture 
Old content: 
It is both good and bad that Coding Dojo has heavy emphasis on skill set building. Of course any time you spend on that less time on networking, interview prep etc... This is a good place if you know that you really want to learn hardcore development skills and get the ground running fast (the 2nd part is the nature of any bootcamp). In terms of job placement, Coding Dojo has had many speaker events, and some prominent speakers like Mark of Twitter Bootstrap, but because the dojo just started, the network is not as top notch as Hackbright and Dev Bootcamp, both of which have special places in the history of bay area bootcamps.

Personally, I am fine with skill based camps, because I have had prior employments which I did well, and I am mostly here to learn web development. While jobs are important considerations, at the end of the day, I will be fine if the Dojo does not help me find one. However, I'd also much prefer that it does help!


  1. Did you end up finding a job after Coding Dojo?

    1. thanks for comment. I did have a job after Coding Dojo, but if your question is did CD help me get a job? The answer is a big NO. They are improving a bit now, they actually run Hackathons in house to prepare you a bit better. I would say placement is always a weak spot for them. I'd be happy to hear if you found something different. Good luck!


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