Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review Git Real Code School

This is the third time that I am going through Code School 's Git Real course curriculum, strangely it erases my progress every time I complete the course. I was forced to re-complete every time: first time trying to review Git for Michael Hartl's tutorial, the 2nd time before a Rails review, the 3rd time for my dev git starting this Monday.

Note, I have bought ProGit and just haven't gotten any where with this yet. Michael Hartl is great, but too repetitive. It will be great as a byproduct of your Rails study but not alone.

The best time to get started with Git Real the course on Code School is when you learnt the basics

  • git init
  • git add .
  • git commit -m "this is my comment"
  • git push
After you have gotten through this may be 50+ times (it's really easy, you can arbitrarily commit up to 50 times in a single silly application). Then it's a good time to start. 

Never make your beginner's day one work repo as your learning material. Always use a dummy project. When I start to work with company repo tomorrow, I will ask my dev lead instead and be careful not to tangle up the tree. 

Git can easily help you restore or wipe up 30% or more of your repo and really confuse you if you aren't careful. 

Git Real goes pretty quickly through the basics I just listed, so familiarize yourself with those first. Then when you are ready, get to know how to stage, unstage, commit, amend and abandon changes. What is the difference between soft / hard reset? 

The reality is, try not to reset that often unless you have to, and don't reset when you already pushed changes out to the open without discussing with teammates. 

Take it slow with the Code School courses. These are not exactly beginner level. I always think Code School as immediate beginner or intermediate, mostly great for experienced people learning new techs. If you do decide to subscribe, please use the banner above to support my blog~ Really appreciate your help. Any questions are welcome.

Need more opportunities to learn Git first? Keep in mind everyone's learning style is different. 

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