Saturday, August 25, 2018

Getting Started Coding Amazon Alexa Skills for Developers

Getting Started

First read our blog post on how to get started with Alexa Skill building or watch our youtube video on the topic

Visit the Alexa Skill Store to see more than 25000 skills available.

Alexa Skill Persona

Monetizing Your Alexa Skill - Earn Money with Your Alexa Skill

Deep Drive for In Game Purchase

Amazon Alexa Skill Developer Community, Developer Support, Developer Relations

Amazon rewards developers with promotions and token rewards

Alexa devday for a city near you

Super developer award, developer incentives and promotions

Developer 3 skill promotion

Amazon Alexa Skill Dev Tools

Alexa Setting API for timezone, temperature and unit personalization, localization for example for sports event this really matters.

Amazon Alexa Skill Development Best Practice

Naming your Alexa Skill

Improve customer engagement

Diaglog Management


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