Sunday, August 5, 2018

This Week in Silicon Valley Byte Size Newsletter No.101

Udacity Launches AI for trading with WorldQuant, also its hiring partner. Ready to do artificial intelligence for fintech, this may be your nanodegree! What's the ultimate dream? Probably join a quantitative traded hedge fund, eventually. It is said that a little less than 30% of all US trades are done by computers. Specifically you want python for finance and historical data skills.

Author Adam Fisher launches Valley of Genius as told by the hackers, founders, and freaks who made it. If you like HBO's Silicon Valley, you will probably like these unicorn and innovator stories of Silicon Valley

Great Escape! Medium is running an August author challenge: tell Medium why and how you quit your job! Your story may be featured. See this challenge post by Medium's editor.

What does it feel like to be Steve Job's daughter? Her memoir now available for readers. See this article on Vanity Fair.

Youtube Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence celebrity Sraj wants to start his own School of AI. He wants it to be a "nonprofit". Strange but true. He's now recruiting Deans to head cities.

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