Sunday, August 5, 2018

Lifehack Productivity Tips for Business Bay Area Professionals No.101

General Productivity
  • Did you know that having a daily routine improves efficiency and productivity? Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook famously wear the same grey shirt and hoodie on a daily basis to simplify wardrobe choices and save minutes each day. 
  • Automate everything: use API connectors to connect applications such as Gmail, Shopify and Trello without coding: Zapier, IFTTT, Do Button
  • Fix your iphone, your glasses your gadgets DIY style
  • Tool for Youtube Creators SoundCloud audio editing
  • Join an online initiative to go complaint free for one month and induce positivity in your life
  • Easily distracted? Having trouble finishing meaningful tasks? Try a 30/30 timer rule: switching tasks every 30 minutes. There are iOS apps that time you and chime for you to make a switch and move on.

Password Security and Privacy

  • Check if your email has been hacked
  • Controls what google knows about you

Social Network, Social Marketing and Growth Lifehacks

  • Use Tweepi to flush Twitter followers that are inactive or don't follow you back

Personal Finance Productivity

  • Use a stock, mutual fund screener to find stocks and funds that match your investment goals for your 401K plan

Developer Productivity:

  • Pair programming for productivity - AirPair and Pivot Labs, a premium development consulting agency for startups and new technology companies, talk about pair programming for developer productivity
  • Use code lint, code validation, and auto formatting (such as Android Studio code formatting) to get error free codes
  • Always look for shortcuts and do more things faster. Some developers even use fast notetaking apps like notational velocity and combine it with hot keys to shave fraction of seconds off their daily routine. 
  • Code a mobile app without learning iOS development or Android ionic framework

Startup Productivity

  • Use prototype and wireframes as visual aid to communicate product visions and designs, clearly. 
  • Did you know that having a 3D printed prototype generate 3x more feedback for architecture and physical product designers than just having a concept drawing? 
  • Did you know that famous universities like Stanford teach students to print or draw iOS UIs and designs on paper and walk user through imaginary steps to get design feedback before they code?
  • Looking for great business ideas? Use a startup name or domain generator to get inspired!
  • Google design often teaches paper prototyping - fast, easy-to-use and effective


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