Sunday, March 22, 2020

Google Cloud Basics

  • .yaml extension of configuration file
  • Export python packages and environment dependencies as requirements.txt
  • python code
  • Google Cloud Function
    • By default cloud function is authenticated into other Google APIs
    • Serverless, fully managed, event triggered, considered a micro-service in the cloud
  • Google Cloud OAuth
  • Use stackdriver (build on AWS) to track performance
  • Role management using IAM
  • Google Cloud Discount
    • Google Cloud discount for students available
  • Cloud DNS is an available API
    • Add a record ANAME find ipv4 address
    • Copy external IP address
    • ANAME record is linked to external IP
    • CNAME www is connected to domain name .com
    • Now go to domain provider and do the same
    • Add the google domain one to the name server
    • Need generate an SSL a certificate to enable
  • Integrates with Firebase
    • Firebase APIs
  • Resources - Conference: Google Cloud Next Conference usually in April
  • Static versus ephemeral IP address
  • Market place: Google Cloud wordpress
  • Google Cloud partner: top partners include Accenture
  • Tutorial : Qwiklab
  • Concept : server less on the cloud, runs code in the cloud don’t need to know or manage what machine infrastructure it is operating on. No need to worry about automatic scaling, load balancing, security, patch.
  • Server side resource and library security is managed using IAM, which gives users roles. 

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