Monday, March 16, 2020

Shopify Partner Basics + Developer Basics

  • Use Shopify theme kit to quickly develop the front end
  • Shopify offers free stock photos for its store owners called Burst
  • Shopify offers Billing API, checkout API that you can embed on any website
  • Developers can use GraphQL to query Shopify transactions
  • Printful, dropshipping made-to-order apparel accessory mug and print, integrates with Shopify seamlessly
  • Shopify sometimes runs business competitions, winners get mentoring from likes of Shark Tank
  • 2019 Shopify started to version its APIs. You can now refer to APIs by their version number. 
  • Career opportunities: Shopify store owner turned developer, turned partner
  • Shopify Buy Button is available for WordPress blogs
  • Utilize the Shopify partner blog, a great resource
  • Shopify Ping chat and Kit CRM robo assistant
  • Can use Apple Business Chat with Shopify channels
  • Can get approved to run product tagging and ads on instagram
  • Shopify Lounge provides co-working opportunities, photoshooting light box sessions
  • Point DNS on Shopify custom domain


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