Monday, March 16, 2020

GraphQL Basics on Shopify

GraphQL eliminates the need to define, a potentially infinite, number of endpoints for developer to interact with APIs. There is no more need to predefine the endpoints needed to interact with the API.  Many traditional API calls may be needed to get complex results back. "Multiple API calls from different schema hard for developers and slow for users." - Shopify forum discussion. GraphQL is can give back all the information in nested JSON format. Use GraphQL admin to manage the API. REST API needs multiple endpoints for each resource, to be designed and written, GraphQL technically just need one endpoint. In Shopify POST https://{shop} for example. Shopify has a GraphQL app ready for installation. Shopify Developers and Shopify Partners can potentially use this to design reporting fast. Traditional API call HTTP request GET /api/user?id=1 HTTP response {“id”:1, “name”:”xyz”}

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