Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Google Colab Basics

In Google's own words: Colab is zero configuration, free GPU, and easy to share. I honestly have to agree with that. Google Colab is the easiest environment to get started on machine learning with scikit learn, or deep learning with Tensorflow and Pytorch. Seriously, zero installation is awesome! Back in the days, when Ruby on Rails was hot, we had installation parties all the time. Because that's what took the most time, for every one. Now Colab even has access to free TPU!

Google Colab is basically like Google Doc is for Microsoft Office as it is for Jupyter Notebook. It basically lets you create, edit and host Jupyter Notebook in the cloud.

Google Colab for Training Models

Training is essentially free and easy on Google Colab. You have access to both GPU and TPU. Though the free version can lose temporary variables, files in the home directory, because it refreshes every 12 hours or less. There are ways to save and download the files to avoid such catastrophe. 

Use Google Colab for Demo Purpose

It is easy to build an example in Colab and share it with audience, give it away instead of Github source code, instead of slides.

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